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Arthur Blessitt at Lakewood Church

Premiere Exit Interview

Premiere Exit Interview

Hey Brother Arthur,

This is pastor Steve at the church at the Barn in Sarasota, Florida.


Arthur, we showed The Cross last Sunday and are showing it again this Sunday. The cross became real and it became practical. We laughed, we cried, others shouted but we were all moved. A holy hush came upon us as the film came to a close. This word from Zechariah describes it best: Quiet, everyone!...Silence before GOD. Something's afoot in his holy house. He's on the move! Zech 2:13 (THE MESSAGE) God is moving in a profound way through this film. The world right now is in its "cross-hairs." God has targeted the world and is releasing His heart through this film. I'm trusting for a place in town where I can show the film on a regular basis. As you said, "identify it where the people are at."

We're with you!

A Fellow Pilgrim
Steve Coder

Arthur's life reminds me that I must love Jesus with all I am, and in so doing, God WILL move and He WILL get the Glory!
I am reminded of Jesus saying to Peter, "You must follow Me," (John 21:22) and after viewing this film I am stirred - hearing Jesus say, "No turning back. You must follow Me!"

- Karise

"You have really inspired me to walk closer to Jesus. Keeping Him first in my life."

- Joann Hoffman

Words from your story that encouraged me -

* Know that whatever your circumstances are (good, bad - challenging) that this doesn't change the call.

* Everyone has a mission to fulfill - no matter how insignificant.

* The vision is no greater than the next person God puts in front of you.

Thank you, Arthur, for your obedience; I was encouraged and reminded - we serve a God who uses the unusual things of this world to confound the wise. "His ways are not our ways." The story about you being turned away from the Mission Rest House and how God used two atheist teachers to provide you comfort and rest proves this point.

Praise God! You are a blessing.
Keep moving forward by His Spirit.
Your Brother,
Don Light

After watching for the first time, I realized how powerful the cross is as a tool. The second time watching - I want to be at the foot of the cross receiving Jesus' instructions ALWAYS and go forth in the faith He has apportioned to me.

- Arlene Hunter

Arthur - I love how you first love God, then your incredible love for people of every nation, tribe and language. You come down to their level so they can see the salvation of Christ & His fullness. To see how you pressed through many trials, but had this joy that's indescribable! Also, I could see that the cross is your friend.

Love and Blessings


Thank you for blessing us with your visit at the Barn, and especially for your movie. You are such an encouragement to me in that you still have the same zeal and fire for the Lord that you had years ago - you haven't missed a beat! You are still going strong for the Lord.

What you have accomplished for the Kingdom of God amazes me - you have traveled the whole earth, walked so far, preached to so many, obeyed God, exalted Jesus - in my eyes you are legendary. With all the "heroes" in the world - you are truly a hero - someone we can look up to, be encouraged in that if Arthur Blessitt could do it, so can I. I know you will give all the glory and honor to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Be blessed,
Jim Whidden

Dear Arthur, Brother,

Your obedience has begat obedience in so many others. Thanks. I have been encouraged by your walk with Christ since 1982. I have been moved to personal "obediences" by the testimony of your life, which as you said on the movie, contains some fantastic stories. Your reference to the "stories" as "Kindergarten" and Christ being the "King of Kings" was like a father instructing his children. Your revelation of having been given a "big" revelation of carrying the cross around the world, was no bigger than the next person you meet. That instruction was right on time to me.

I love you and I like you Arthur.
Brother George

The encouragement that your story brings is physically felt. Sometimes the Lord asks one to do missions that do not make sense to us and it is strengthening to hear the uncommon results of your uncommon task that the Lord set before you. It always amazes me how many, many people one person's obedience affects.

- In Christ's love,

And how it renews one's own strength to hear the story told and receive the testimony of a faithful man.

- Greg

"You will be inspired by [Arthur Blessitt's] life and encouraged in your faith."

Joel & Victoria Osteen
Co-pastors, Lakewood Church
New York Times Best-selling Authors of 'Become a Better You' & 'Love Your Life'

"Endlessly intriguing and enlightening. So moving it made me weep three ways: openly, deeply and repeatedly!"

Kam Williams
Syndicated Film Critic
Member, New York Film Critics Online & African-American Film Critics Association

"A surprisingly powerful, emotionally captivating, spiritually uplifting documentary. An incredibly inspiring story! There are moments so emotional that it is impossible to keep from weeping... this is one of the most powerful movie experiences ever!"

Ted Baehr

"A remarkable story of survival, perseverance and unquenchable spiritual passion."

Justin Chang

"Feels quite uplifting regardless of your religion whether or not you believe in God to begin with.

Director Matthew Crouch interviews Blessitt and wisely allows for him to let out his strong emotions on camera through the form of tears and, at times, even laughter. Blessitt has clearly been through a lot of obstacles throughout his journeys and has learned a lot about different cultures and means of survival."

Avi Offer
NYC Movie Guru