The Cross Walk Timeline

Spring 1968
  Made the cross and put on wall of "His Place". Carried the cross on short walks along Sunset Blvd.
September 1969   Jesus' call "Carry the cross on foot - identify My message in the highways, road-sides where the people are".
December 25, 1969   Began carrying the cross across America.
August 1971   Jesus' call "Carry the cross to other nations".
Sep 1, 1971   Began carrying the cross across in Northern Ireland and then England.
Feb 26, 1977   Arrived in Jerusalem with the cross "Lord, do I stop or go on?" I prayed on Mt. Sinai. Jesus said, "I've called you to the common man, with peasants of the world, to sweat, walk in the rain, smell exhaust fumes, sleep on the road. Go! I want you to go all the way".
Apr 2, 1979   The vision of the Glory of the Lord "Arthur, Proclaim the Glory of the coming of the Lord is at hand".
Jun 1981   At the "Iron Curtain" East Germany the Lord said, "There are no walls!"
Mar 31, 1988   Jesus said, "I want you to commit your life to carry the cross in every nation by the Year 2000!"
Jun 2, 1990   Denise and I vowed to God at our wedding to go in obedience to His call to carry the cross to every nation by the Year 2000 as Jesus so wills
Nov 1, 1993   God spoke "Pray for others, I will take care of you".
Dec 25, 1998   Walked back now Sunset Strip in Hollywood to the same place where the cross walk began 29 years ago!
Nov 2005   Carried the 12ft cross in 305 nations, 37,000 miles (59,544 km)
November 2006   Carried the cross a total of "1 & 1/2 times around the earth at the equator"
Jun 2008   Carried the Cross 38,102 miles, 61,319 km, 315 nations, island groups. Jesus did it! All glory to God. Completed very nation and major island group.
Mar 2009   Carried the cross to Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for the opening of "The Cross" Movie!
NOV 10, 2009   The Cross film is now available in DVD
November 1, 2013   Still carrying the cross over 40,500 miles in 321 nations, island groups and territories

Now 73 years old and feeling great and walking on...Jesus did it! All glory to God