On June 13th 2008, Arthur Blessitt walked his 38,102nd mile in Zanzibar, off of the coast of Tanzania, completing a journey that began in 1969. Arthur started walking with a twelvefoot cross on December 25, 1969 and has successfully carried a large wooden cross into every nation and major island group of the world.

As Arthur has traveled around the world, he has found the cross to be a universal symbol of God's love that can be understood in spite of language and cultural barriers. He writes, "Perhaps I'm the only person in history who has been physically shaped by the weight of a cross. But the changes the cross has brought to my physical body are not important. What is important is how the cross has changed my life and the lives of so many others, from the inside out!"

In the 1960s Arthur Blessitt was known as the Minister of Sunset Strip. He had a coffee house called His Place where he preached about Jesus to bikers, prostitutes and the other inhabitants of the infamous Hollywood hang out at midnight.

After preaching one night God asked him to place a 12-foot cross on the wall of His Place. But this was not the end of what God wanted Arthur to do with the cross. He carried the cross many times along Sunset Strip over the next couple of years.

At 5 AM one morning Jesus spoke to him and said, "Arthur, take the cross off the wall of your building, carry the cross on foot and identify my message on the highways, road-sides where the people are."

On Christmas Day, December 25, 1969, Arthur Blessitt started a walk that would take him to 315 countries, island groups and territories around the world while carrying a 12-foot wooden cross on his shoulder. He has walked through all seven continents, has been through 52 countries who were at war, was arrested 24 times and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the World's Longest Walk

And as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, Arthur Blessitt walks for Jesus and shares Jesus' message of love to the world.

Arthur has devoted his life to walking in every nation with the cross. When he isn't traveling, Arthur speaks nationally and internationally. He often hosts 'Praise the Lord' and has his own program on TBN TV which is shown around the world. He is married to Denise and has seven children.

Now, 2013, he lives in the Denver, Colorado area with Denise and there daughter Sophia and still carries the cross and ministers around the world. Arthur says speaking of carrying the cross around the world. "Jesus did it. All Glory to God.